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beauty, body, confidence, diet, eatwell, encourage, exercise, fit, fitness, food, gym, health, healthy, inspire, life, Lifestyle, mealprep, nutrition, skin, smoothie, workout / 07.03.2017

We all get bored of eating our five a day. Sometimes you just crave something sweet instead of just eating “boring” fruit and vegetables all the time, Drink them! That’s what I do. I spoke about different ways to add leafy greens into your diet, and one of the ideas was smoothies. To read this blog post click here. Green smoothies have so many benefits and here are some reasons why you should incorporate them into your healthy lifestyle: Increased energy Good source of antioxidants Boosts nutrition Aids natural weight loss Boosts your fruit and Vegetable intake Reduces cravings – the more...

beauty, body, confidence, diet, eatwell, encourage, fit, fitness, food, gym, health, healthy, inspire, Lifestyle, mealprep, nutrition, products, smoothie, Uncategorised, women, workout / 30.01.2017

I have a very busy life, I work a full time job and I'm currently doing a part time masters degree in  Strategic Management, I blog, model and train at the gym regularly. I am also trying to start my own fitness clothing brand, keep an eye out ;). Being on the go all the time and working long hours does take its toll on the body, whether you’re kick starting your healthy lifestyle or trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it's important that you refuel not only regularly but with the right type of nutrients. Sometimes when working long days we...

achieve, body, confidence, diet, eatwell, encourage, exercise, fit, fitness, food, gym, health, healthy, inspire, mealprep / 16.01.2017

Firstly, forget the word diet (it sucks); I prefer to use the term healthy living because every diet I’ve ever been in hasn’t worked. Even if it worked for the first couple of weeks; I’ve always put the weight back on and sometimes I even add on more than I originally weighed (but that’s a story for another day). Obviously it’s important to have a balanced diet and you have to eat for the body you want, BUT people that are on “diets” tend to try and eat a lot of salad which is obviously going to get boring. So mix it...

achieve, beauty, body, change, confidence, diet, encourage, exercise, fit, fitness, food, friends, goals, gym, health, healthy, inspire, Lifestyle, nutrition, workout / 09.01.2017

First thing I want you to understand is that fitness is not just about how your body looks. As you start or continue with your healthy lifestyle, you learn that fitness is about creating healthy habits, loving the body you currently have and using it to get the body that you want, understanding balance and ensuring that you are in good health both physically and mentally. Here are my 8 tips for keeping an active lifestyle. 1.Gym – Create a realistic Schedule Create a gym schedule or routine that you can commit to with your schedule. If you can only go three times...

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